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Today, I came across this song by Canadian-born Hong Kong Singer Joyce Cheng. The song is call “Goddess,” and is Joyce’s most recent artwork; 鄭欣宜 – 女神.

A quick background on who Joyce Cheng is and what she does:

Joyce Cheng is the daughter of famous Hong Kong Celebrities Adam Cheng and Lydia Shum. Lydia Shum was an entertainer who was well-known for her… she was actually well-known for many things. Her iconic bouffant hairstyle, her black framed glasses, her round figure, and her nickname, Fei-Fei, which means Fatty in Chinese. (Sadly, Lydia Shum has passed away in 2008 due to various health problems. The Mayor of Vancouver proclaimed June 1st 2008 as Fei-Fei Day a week after her death.) Adam Cheng is the ex-husband of Lydia Shum, and he is a well-known actor. His most famous drama would be “The Greed of Man,” which is about Hong Kong’s Stock Exchange in the 80s and 90s.

Behind the stardom of Adam and Lydia is Joyce. Joyce is a Hong Kong based singer, actress, and model. However, at a young age she struggled with weight and image. She may have a beautiful voice, but it is often overshadowed by her image. (Joyce did manage to lose weight and attained an image that the society felt was acceptable. But in the recent years, Joyce has decided that she will stop her excessive weight diet, and be herself. She felt her image was a part of her identity and she should not let the society decide who she is and wants to be.) “Good for you, Joyce! I agree with your mindset of living life the way I want my life to be, not how society expects it to be.”

Joyce has acted in 2 TVB series, Off Pedder and 7 Days in Life, and a dozen of films. I believe in 7 Days in Life, she had impressed viewers with her comical acting. As well as show her powerful vocals in Off Pedder, as she sings the ending theme song of each episode. Another favorite would be her song for the TVB series “Come Home, Love.” My favorite film that Joyce had acted in would be “I Love Hong Kong 2013.” She had a comical role, yet her character was also pure. Because her character throughout the film tries to be acquainted with a guy she falls in love with, but he is actually a jerk (not only to her, but to other characters in the film) and is the main antagonist.

 Joyce Cheng may be struggling in the Hong Kong industry because of her body image, but she does have talent. Her voice is her strongest and biggest attraction. I still remember the first song I heard by Joyce. It was from the TVB series, “Speech of Silence” starring Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui. The theme song of the drama, also my favorite song by Joyce Cheng, Intuition; 鄭欣宜 – 直覺. (I think many viewers of “Speech of Silence” did not realize Joyce was the singer of the theme song.)

But for today’s post, the main focus is on Joyce and her newest song, “Goddess.”(This song came out just a couple of days ago.) English lyrics have not been published yet, so I cannot inform my readers exactly what the song is saying. But for the lyrics of the song that I do understand, I will explain:

  • Her song is about image, the female image (but a guy can be in the same shoes)
  • One should first appreciate oneself and not let societal influences modify one’s self-perception
  • Every girl is referred to as an angel or goddess (in this case, hence the title of the song)
  • Direct Translation of a Chorus Lyric, “Do not bow down your head, or your halo will fall down. You are a goddess.” (I apologize for being limited in the translation of the lyrics and this two lines are the only lines I can translate and understand fully.)

I may not understand every word or all the lyrics of this song, but I do understand that a message is being shared. A message to love oneself and to embrace oneself for who she is. (Ofcourse, this song can definitely apply to guys as well.) Do not let the society’s “body image” scale interfere with how you see yourself. Embrace your image, because you are who you are. “If you cannot appreciate yourself, how can you expect others to appreciate you?”

The melody of this song is smooth, similar to a ballad song. I definitely recommend  fellow readers of this post and people who have not heard the song yet to listen to it. (It can be found on YouTube if you just copy and paste the song title from this post.) Listen to the song, and let me know how you feel about it. Our views may differ, but what’s important is that the song may touch your heart.

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