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Hello, it’s Winksfairy12!:) (I like to change up my code names every now and then. But I would like to use this one because this post will be a bit more personal than the last post, although it is related or a continuation.)

As you may have read before this post (if not, I strongly suggest you read the post before this one, “Our Times-My Youth”) that we should cherish our friends.

The friend that I mentioned that was my “Xu Tai-Yu,” I want to make a shout-out to him (quietly) for being the best-est of friends. In fact, I wrote him a little letter earlier this year after watching the movie, Our Times.

At first, I felt the letter I was writing was a love letter. But as I went on, I realized it was a thank you letter, an appreciation letter.

Dear My Xu Tai-Yu.

I am writing you this letter in case something does happen between us in the future. But of course, the possibilities are slim. It’s just that recently, you have been on my mind; more than a friend. Actually, I did not begin to think like this until I watched the movie, Our Times. (We should watch it together, sometime.)

So basically this is what happened: As I was watching the movie, I was memorized by the story of the main characters, Lin Chen-Hsin and  Xu Tai-Yu. As usual, a love story. (You know how much I love Love Stories.) At first I thought it was definitely going to be Love, but later I realized it was really about Friendship.

Do you remember back in High School when we use to hangout all the time? You were always there for me when I had trouble. You encouraged me to be myself and not to worry about appearance. You were always available for text or even a call from me when I was in tight situations. (But I would always leave you hanging once I was done with the situation.) And for that, “I’m Sorry.”

Recently, we haven’t been able to talk/text/hangout as often as we use to. You use to text me to let me know if something was happening to you. Whether it is something you read about, a situation you would like to talk about, or that you were going off somewhere. I really miss what we use to have.

You know, we could be dating. Sometimes I feel like our relationship can be on that level, but other times, it’s not. I definitely feel your presences and its impact.

I won’t be confessing to you (for I do not know my own feelings yet). I want our friendship to stay. You should know me by now, who I am and what I am like. I wish for someone to find me and confess to me. Someone who likes me for who I am. And if possible, he be someone who knows me well.

I just want you to know how I feel/felt about our relationship.

Even if we never start anything and stay friends forever, I am still thankful. This letter reminds me what a great friend you are and how lucky I am today and was, back in high school.

Back in high school, both of us, and many others were searching for a High School Love Story. Many people did not find what they were looking for; including me, including you. However, when I look back on it today, I found my High School Love Story…”It was you.” All along, I had been hoping to find someone to like me and care for me. But in the end, I realized that this person does not always have to be a lover, it can also be a friend. “Thank you […]. I am really grateful for you.”

The future is unknown. I do not know what will happen to us, but I hope we will stay friends because I really cherish our friendship. I am happy that we are friends.


Me 😉

There were two songs from the movie, Our Times, that I really like. One is “All About Him” by Popu Lady, and the other is “A Little Happiness” by Hebe Tien. I guess these two songs do fit my letter to my friend. (When I read my letter, I listen to “All About Him” for the first half of the letter then “A Little Happiness” for the second half of the letter.)

Anyways, this is just a follow up post to the post, Our Times-My Youth. This is what the movie made me realize. I realized that love does not have to be between lovers, it can be between friends.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this one.

And always, Keep on DayDreaming! ❤