In a past post, Matchmaker, we are introduced to Tina and her friends Jerry and Ellen.

In the end, Jerry and Ellen got together; however, Tina’s influence on the relationship was not as significant as we expected.

Tina did nothing but be there for Jerry and Ellen. She watched them meet each other, get to know each other, to finally being together.

But physically, Tina did nothing:

  • She did not sweet talk to either parties about the specialties of the each party.
  • She did not encourage both parties to go on dates.
  • She did not induce conversation.
  • She stood in between the relationship for she use to walk between them both (to finally walking behind them both).

What Tina did do:

  • She stepped back.
  • She let both parties prosper on their own.

The truth about the Matchmaker (Tina) is that she has not right to be called a Matchmaker. For, she did nothing. She just so happens to be there at the right time to watch people she knew get together. She was only there for the moment, but she did not contribute to the process. Nor did she stay for the progress.

The story about the Matchmaker is that she has never been in a relationship. How can someone who has no experience in love be a guide to your love story?

The sad truth is that I pity the Matchmaker. She is someone who people go to for Love Advice, but she herself cannot take the advice she gives. How can someone who are bringing people together, not be able to bring herself to be with someone?

The Matchmaker believes in love, for she keeps bringing people together. She offers advice to mend a relationship, peacefully. But at the same time, the Matchmaker is afraid to love. She is afraid…

She can believe that others will find happiness, but she cannot accept the idea that one day, she may too find happiness. (Have you ever met someone like this? Or know someone like this?)

Maybe each Matchmaker just needs a Matchmaker of their own. Someone else to guide the strings to make ends match.

But no matter how the Matchmaker feels, how scared she may be, and how many people she matches, there is also someone for her. He may have not showed up yet, or he has already arrived but she did not discover him yet.

His appearance will give the Matchmaker strength and new hope. He will be able to see through her and protect her insecurities.

This is not quite the ending, but it ends here.

Thank you.

And always, Keep on DayDreaming! ❤