Hello Fellow Readers, How are you today?

I have to apologize for not posting as frequent as I would like.

But I am in the process of introducing a series of new posts, stories, and life-experiences. I hope you guys will enjoy them!

So for this post, it will be a quick and simple one.

I would like to talk about June 20th. Do you know what is so special about June 20th?

It could be that it is the First Day of Summer. It could be someone special’s Birthday. It could be a Holiday is a Foreign Country. Yet, it could also be just like any other day.

June 20th to me is a special date. It is a date filled with memories and youth. A day where my friends and I can come together and be ourselves.

  • That group of close-knit friends where you guys can just be your true selves in each others’ presence?
  • That group of friends that you grew up with, faced challenges with, and most importantly hang-out with.

Dear Friends,

I once said “We are like the colors of the rainbow. Each of us a different color that so happens to come together, and surprisingly still look nice.” (This quote I came up with reminds me the Skittles Commercial to taste the rainbow.)

The colors of the rainbow are always together. Although some colors are fainter than others and some colors are more vibrant than others, they need to be together to make the rainbow.

Just like friendship; there will be the more talkative friends versus the shy, quiet friends. In order for the friendship to form, these people need to come together.

I know as we get older, it gets harder to find time for each other. “And no, this is not a matter of priority. It is reality. There will be times where certain situations need to be dealt with first.”

What I want to say is that, “Time can help determine Friendship, but Friendship is not based on Time.” It may have taken years for us to grow close, but the little time we spend together when we hangout does not change our closeness. In fact, it strengthens the friendship because of the efforts we had to go through to get together.

I think within each of our hearts, we have already built that sense of security and trust. I would put my life in each and every one of your hands because I know for the most part you guys will try to save me; just like how I would do my best for you guys.

My Friends, something you guys don’t know is that you guys changed my life. You guys taught me how to be a friend, how to be a team player. You guys helped me get out of my shell and shaped me into who I have become today.

“Honestly, you guys will never know how grateful I am for you guys. No, it is not because you guys are careless. It is because I will never feel that I am good enough for you guys. I will continue to struggle for our friendship even though deep down, I already know you guys do not care about my appearance, but for Who I Am. And for that, I want to say ‘Thank You, Guys. I Love You Guys!’ Yet, deep down, you guys know that I will continue struggling no matter how many times you guys re-assure me because I am the one in the group with Paranoia. (Lol) This is why I cherish our friendship greatly, because you guys know me and accept me.”

Before your appearances, I have to say, I was a loser/loner. Haha. I only had acquaintances, and they would often forget who I am after we stop having class together. I didn’t appreciate the idea of friends; let alone, using sincerity when meeting new people.

But you guys taught me that being friends is not about appearance, wealth, background, it is about sincerity.

Thank you. Thank you guys so much!

I look forward to everything the future holds for our friendship until I have to close my eyes for eternity.

Love, Yours Truly,

[Winksfairy 12] Me ❤

I am not sure if there is a National Friends Day, but if there isn’t I would nominate today. “June 20th, National Friends Day.” A day for you to reminisce and appreciate how great your friends are; as well as, what they mean to you.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and take the time to be thankful for your friends.

And always, Keep on DayDreaming! ❤