“If I had a boyfriend, we would be the best of friends!”

Hello Fellow Readers, it’s Winks.

And today marks the beginning of a series of posts for my new Web Series “If I had a Boyfriend.”

  • “If I had a Boyfriend Series” will be a mixture of my personal insights as well as real-life situations that can be encountered by the common people.
  • This series will be told from a first-person perspective; however, there will be different topics that requires a third-person perspective.

The goal of this series is to share with fellow readers an experience.

  • For those who already have a partner, “In your relationship, there are some things that you wish you can do, but can’t. What are those things?”
  • For those who are still searching, “When you do enter a relationship, there will be things you want to do. What are some of those things?”

We often see posts on social media regarding “Relationship Goals.” But how many people actually reach those goals? How many people actually attempt to reach those goals?

I hope through the “If I Had a Boyfriend Series,” we can all explore some of these goals.

Thank you! I look forward to this series, I hope you guys do too!

And always, Keep on DayDreaming! ❤

June 30th 2016