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“If I had a boyfriend, I would always think of him when I go shopping! (Even though I’m suppose to be shopping for myself.)”

Hello Fellow Readers, it’s Winks ūüôā

This will be the first segment of my “If I Had a Boyfriend” Series.

I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your insights! I look forward to it!

The story begins with a girl going shopping.

Usually, when we think of a girl shopping, she only worries about herself…

  • What kind of outfit is the trend?
  • Which shirt makes her look less fat?
  • Where to buy the name-brand bag that is on sale?
  • Which pair of shoes would make her legs look slender?
  • Which pants would make her thighs look firm?
  • Which top pairs with which bottom?
  • (Basically, everything and anything about her…)

However, when girls¬†walk¬†into the Mens Apparel Section…

  • What is she feeling?
  • Where in the section is she looking at specifically?
  • Is she looking at something for her father, her brother, or a friend?
    • How about a Boyfriend?

Well, let us meet Michelle.
Michelle is a college student, who is still single.

Michelle was on a shopping spree in Broadway last week. She went into a lot of stores and looked at a lot of things.

But she found herself more interested in the Guy’s Section than the Lady’s Section.

As she strolls along the aisles, she takes notice in this shirt. It is a short-sleeve blue shirt with green sleeves. The shirt¬†has a little pocket¬†near¬†the lower¬†left pectoral and three buttons below the collar.¬†(It reminded her of¬†P’Sibti from the Thai Lakorn, U-Prince Series:The Handsome Cowboy.)

A store clerk told Michelle that this shirt is a Henley Short-Sleeve Shirt. (And that it was the newest trend for Men.)

The next item that caught her eyes were stripped polo shirts. She really liked the navy blue stripped polo and the maroon stripped polo! (It reminded her of the school uniforms from the Thai Lakorn, U-Prince Series.)

Despite her interest in the clothes, she was unable to buy them. Why not? (Don’t forget that Michelle is single.)

But if Michelle were to have a boyfriend…

“If I had a boyfriend, I don’t want him to be¬†fashionable. Because if he was fashionable, how can I dress him up? There are so many articles of clothing I saw today that I want to buy for my boyfriend. I can just imagine how handsome he would look! [giggles]

  • But sometimes Guys who do not dress up the way society expects them to does not mean they are not fashionable. It just means that Fashion has a different definition in their Dictionary.
    • Social Media paints an imagine of “How the Ideal Guy Looks” but do you know what really matters?
      • What really matters is “How you want Your Ideal Guy to Look”!
        • Yet, if you really loved the guy, you accept him for how he looks. No matter what shape and form he comes in.

“I want to buy these shirts for my boyfriend!”

  • I have to say, when a girl wants to buy something for a guy (especially a significant other) she puts a lot of thoughts into it.
    • At least, for someone like Michelle, she would consider many aspects before purchasing the gift. “It is not a matter of price, but a matter of what the significant other will think of the present and of the giver.”

“That feeling I get thinking about buying these things for my boyfriend, it is like no other. They are similar to when you first ‘fall in love.’ Or when you are ‘head over heels’ for someone. Or when you think about that Crush that you hope to have a chance with. I may be simply buying clothes, but my heart is beating really fast! This feeling is no other than Love…”

  • For those readers who have a significant other, how do you feel when you buy things for your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
    • Do you get excited?
    • Will¬†you imagine how well the item will suit the person?

“If I had a Boyfriend…There are many things I want to do for him and with him. But for now, I think I might just buy this one shirt for the future! [smiles]”

Unfortunately, Michelle currently does not have a boyfriend. But when she does, I believe we all know what will be his first present! (Even before the First Anniversary, the First Christmas, the First Birthday, but maybe within the First 100 Days!)

There are many people out there like Michelle. Although they all may be single, it does not mean they do not have the right to imagine. Everyone has the ability to paint a majestic picture of how their significant other will be. So in the future, do not let social norms stop you from buying something that you feel would be a gift you want to give to your future significant other. Gifts and presents are from the heart, your heart. If you only buy him(her) things that he(she) wants, they will never appreciate the fact that gifts are suppose to be given with meaning, not because of wants.

I hope my fellow readers can keep this in mind, “Gifts are suppose to be given with meaning, not because of wants.” -Winksfairy12

Thank you for reading!

I hope you guys enjoyed the first, of many more to come, of our “If I had a Boyfriend Series”!

And always, Keep on DayDreaming! ‚̧