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“If I had a Boyfriend, I would like to be able to enjoy his gaming. (But at the same time, be able to join his games. Or to simply play board games, together.)”

Hello Readers, it’s Winks 😉

Since the first segment of “If I had a Boyfriend Series…Shopping,” we are moving on to the topic of Gaming. This topic is often discussed in social media in a negative light.

However, I hope after this segment of “If I had a Boyfriend Series,” you, my readers can have an additional point of view for Gaming.

I hope you guys will enjoy this!

Please feel free to leave a comment with your insights! I look forward to it!

This story is about a girl hanging out with her friends.

When you hangout with your friends, you are free to do anything and everything as long as there is a majority vote.

And I think it should be the same if you were to hangout with your Boyfriend. On some days, you guys will be going on planned dates; while on other days, you guys can just spend the day being with each other. Simply being together makes you happy.

Some people say that guys try less hard after they have chased the girl. (Which to an extent, is true, because from some guys’ perspective, they feel that the relationship has been secured. Therefore, they do not feel the need to continue to pursue the girl.)

  • To be honest, I can understand why the guys stop trying after they become official.
    • One reason is because the guy does not know what to do afterwards.
      • Social Media can help teach you how to go after someone to begin a relationship, but they never tell you how to maintain that relationship.
        • That is because every relationship is unique.There is no manual or guide book to walk you through every step. It is up to you to walk the path following your heart.
  • However, I have to say, girls need to contribute as well. It is great and ideal to have a guy chase after you and make your relationship like a fairy-tale’s.
    • Yet, what about the guy’s fairy-tale?
      • What can you do as the girlfriend to contribute to this relationship to make it even better than the social norm Fairy-tale?
        • To make it into your own Perfect Fairy-tale.

Back to the topic of Hangouts with your Significant Other…

Most guys are into gaming. Day and Night, you will see them attached to their computers, game stations, or even phones, playing games.

So, what can you do about it?

  • For the girls, how about joining the game?
    • I know some games may not be suitable for you, or not in your interest. But it is valuable to at least learn the basics of the game so you can do quick step ins for your Boyfriend, when he needs to take a quick break.
      • I think this small act of consideration will make your Boyfriend cherish you more for being able to take in consideration his interest.

Now, let me tell you the story of my friend, Sophie.

It all started when she was on a hangout with her friends at her friend John’s house. Among the group were Jane, Andrew, Mark, and James.

Personally, Sophie had a crush on Andrew. (However, it is now a thing of the past.) And here is why…

John is the Game Keeper. He is always introducing new games for the group to play together; whether it is a card game or a board game.

  • “When there is a game, there is a winner. When there is a winner, there is a loser.” (When there is a Winner, there is a sore Loser. And when there is a Loser, there is a sore Winner.)
    • Guess who is who.

For some reason, no matter whatever game is being played, Andrew always targets Sophie.

  • When she wins, he makes a big deal.
  • And when she loses, he makes an even bigger announcement.

How can a girl have good feelings about someone like Andrew? Especially someone like Sophie who dislikes unnecessary attention.

  • She will smile when she wins. But she will not boast about it.
  • And when she loses, she will also smile. Because it was just a game.

Someone like Andrew, who is an attention grabber, does not suit Sophie.

  • He makes sure everyone knows he wins.
  • And when he loses, he makes sure to comment sarcastically on the winner’s method of winning.

No matter how charming Andrew seemed when he first appeared, it is his true personality that determines what kind of guy he is. Sophie may have developed a crush on his mysterious background, at first. But once she got she know him, she realizes he is not what she is looking for.

  • When it comes to having good feelings about someone, it can be due to many outside factors such as appearance, background, or wealth. But for those good feelings to stay, it ultimately comes down to what is in the heart.

Therefore, from Sophie’s point of view, “If I have a Boyfriend, I want him to be a good gamer.” Someone who can win and lose, smiling, without throwing unnecessary tantrums.

  • It would be very sweet if he would purposely lose to me in the game if he sees that I have been on a losing streak. (Because let us be honest, the feeling of losing sucks. However, how you deal with your loss will help determine what type of person you are in others’ eyes.)
  • If it were to be me, and I see that my Boyfriend is on a losing streak for a certain game, I would purposely lose for him. I would try my best to lose in his benefit, because let us not forget there are other players. Or at least, I would play the game to his benefit, assisting him while sacrificing my play.

“I would want my boyfriend to consider my feelings when I lose the game, because I would definitely consider his! I would feel sad that he is feeling upset.”

  • Think about the times you and your Boyfriend game together.
    • Does he sometimes let you win?
    • Does he ever purposely lose for you?
    • Does he smile at you when you throw your little tantrums then pacify you by helping you win the next game?
    • Does he help you by giving you “secret tips” he uses?
    • Did you guys have fun?
  • Now think about the times you and your Boyfriend argued because of gaming together.
    • Was it because he lost to you, and he got angry? (Vice-Versa)
    • Was it because he lost when he was teaming up with you, and he blamed the loss all on you?
    • What was the reason(s)?

To be honest, if you were to date a guy who would be angry at you for his losses, then I believe this guy is not suitable for you. His ego may be a big factor in the decision of, if he is suitable, but it is his personality that made the ultimate decision. If this guy cannot control his emotions over a simple game of loss, then imagine in the future, how would he deal with failure or mistakes?

  • Later on in life, everyone will go through their own series of personal problems. And how one deals with these problems will determine their success.
    • Success does not mean growth in wealth and fame. Success as in, how this person chooses to continue to live his(her) life. To live his life well, or to live his life blaming others.

For those readers who have a significant other, how do you feel when you watch your Boyfriend(Girlfriend) get angry at you for a mistake they made or for a game they lost?

  • Do you feel frustrated as well?
  • Are your feelings hurt?
  • Has your perspective of this person changed, negatively, even the slightest, for that one moment?

“If I had a Boyfriend…I know there will be arguments. But I do not want us to be in a heated argument over a game. Over a game that has no meaning after it is over. I don’t want us to hold grudges against each other for such simple matter.”

It is not a shame that Sophie and Andrew are not dating because in Sophie’s mind, Andrew has already painted himself in a despicable way.

However, I would like to make a comment that Andrew may be interested in Sophie. His approach may be wrong because his actions annoys Sophie, but he may be treating her this way to catch her attention. Sophie definitely takes notice in Andrew, but negatively. If he is really interested in Sophie, I suggest he takes some positive actions now before it’s too late! “Don’t let Sophie misunderstand you any longer!”

There are many people out there in relationships where the Boyfriend is a heavy gamer. He games violently to the extent where he would get physical when he loses. In our story, Andrew is just verbally offending Sophie. But there are some people out there who are both verbally and physically abusing those around them when they lose a game. If you are a significant other of a Boyfriend with this attitude, I strongly urge you to talk to him. (No, I am not telling you to break up with him. That decision is up to you to decide, not me based on my opinions.)

Communication is important in a relationship, and I hope you guys know that. Talk to your partner if something is bothering you about the relationship; don’t just bottle it up until it burst. Don’t wait until it’s too late where both parties end up hating each other, forgetting the reasons why you both entered the relationship in the first place.(That reason being that you both cared for each other, and had feelings for each other.)

I hope my fellow readers can keep this in mind, “Don’t forget the reasons why you both entered the relationship at first. And don’t use excuses to leave this relationship when a problem comes up.” -Winksfairy12

I hope you enjoyed this story. Even myself, as I was writing it, surprised myself in the direction this story ended up at.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

And always, Keep on DayDreaming! ❤