Hello Fellow Readers, How are you?

It has been some time since my last post. But I hope this blog is not forgotten, just yet. We are undergoing some changes to improve our content and presentation. We changed our site; we are now known as DayDream Trek.

Our daydreams are personal stories and thoughts that we subconsciously hope for. But these thoughts will forever be thoughts if we do not jot them down. And here on this blog, I would like to keep a record of some of these thoughts.

I hope that I can continue to share my thoughts and insights with you, from now on.

This blog is not only a place for me to post about love and relationships, it is also a platform where I share bits and pieces about myself. Through this blog, I hope to reach out to others about “What can be love?”

“Love may not be everything in this world, but it is something that people need to work towards.” -Winksfairy12

I cannot tell you “What is Love?” because I, myself, am still looking for that answer. There are many people out there just like me; we are looking for our ideal love. But we do not always know what we are looking for. And what we find, may not be what we thought, we were looking for.

Upcoming on this blog, I will be sharing more; more stories, more songs, more personal experiences. Most of the content evolved from one simple task, daydreaming. Everyone daydreams. But we often forget about these thoughts. However, on “DayDream Trek” I hope you guys will be able to enjoy some of these thoughts.

Thank you.

Never stop DayDreaming! ❤ 🙂