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Hello readers, it’s Winks. (I think I am going to refer to myself as Winks from here on out because it will be easier for me and the readers.) Or just straight up start writing without the introduction, it will allow me to write more freely.

It has been a while since my last post, and it is not because I am getting tired of posting. Rather, it is I am scared to post. It is hard to express all the feelings I want to show in one post with simply words.

But I am trying my best to continue posting, and sharing my thoughts.

Today’s post is about Hugs.

What is a hug? According to Google, a Hug is an act of holding someone tightly in one’s arms, typically to express affection.

Who do you Hug? We hug our family and friends. We hug our significant others; husband, wife, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend

Instead of focusing on the question of who do we hug, we should focus on the question of who do we let hug us? Hugging is an expression of affection. And accepting the hug is also an expression of affection.

However, hugging has become a norm. When we see our friends, we hug them. When we see our significant other, we hug them. But after a long period of time, how do you feel when you hug them?

Let us focus this topic specifically about hugging a significant other.

For those of you who are in a relationship, how do you feel about hugging your boyfriend? girlfriend? partner?

  • Was it the same as the first time you both hugged?
  • How did you feel the last time you both hugged?
  • Compare your hugs with hugs with friends…

There should be a difference when you hug your significant other than when you hug a friend. There is this feeling that makes you feel lighter because your heart is beating slightly faster.

  • What if one day you hug your friend, and realize this feeling that you do not feel when you hug your significant other?

“Can you hug me?” “Because if you do, then I will know. I will know if you are the one.”

Today’s story is about a girl, Belle, and her experience with hugging.

Hugging is a normal thing and is very common among friends. But Belle had always been self-conscious about her image. She is embarrassed to hug others because she is always afraid of “hurting” the other person due to her size.

Sometimes she fears she has a stink. She does not want the person she is hugging to think she smells. Belle is always self-conscious of how her hair may stink, how the sweat stains under her arms may rub off on the person, or how her clothes may not smell pleasant enough.

Big girls are not the only ones who sweat. Everyone sweats. And sweat does smell if we do not take care of our personal hygiene. But if you shower regularly and wear deodorant, you will smell fine. As for the clothes we wear, just make sure you wash them when they are dirty so it will not smell. (Washing your clothes regularly is important to your skin as well, because we leave behind dead skin cells on our clothes. And for those with sensitive skin, it is suggest you use detergent for sensitive skin.)

Over the years, Belle has become better at hugging others. To start off, she is more comfortable hugging her family and close friends. But she has a problem hugging friends of the opposite gender, even if he is a close friend.

“A hug is something that is sacred because you are making a connection when two bodies come together. I cannot hug guys. I cannot hug them because I fear. I fear that I might build the wrong connection.” -Belle

When Belle said she might build the wrong connection, she is not saying the guy will get the wrong idea. She is saying, she might get the wrong idea. How should I put this? “Belle will only hug the right guy.”

Belle has a childhood friend, Tim. Tim is someone she can talk to about anything. He is there for her when she needs him. He is always one phone-call away. However, Tim cannot be Belle’s lover.

There is always a certain time and a certain place for certain things. But for Tim and Belle, the time has passed.

If only Belle expressed herself better. If only Belle hugged Tim. If she hugged Tim, he may have felt the words that she hides away in her heart. But because Belle never hugged Tim, he never knew how she felt.

Belle and Tim’s relationship had been long overdue. She never told him how she felt about him. Yet, he never told her how he felt about her. She went on to liking other guys. And he went on to dating other girls.

But deep down, Tim wished he had dated Belle. And Belle wished, she had dated Tim. However, it was because of something Belle said that made this wish never come true.

“We’re friends, we can’t date. I can’t date my close friends.” -Belle

If only Belle never friend-zoned Tim. Belle did not mean to, for she was scared. She did not want to lose Tim as a friend. She was afraid if she revealed her feelings, and Tim was not interested, their friendship would break.

“Some people say it is better to have had than to never have. But is it worth the risk? One moment of impulse in exchange for an uncertain future?” -Winksfairy12

Would the results be different if Belle hugged Tim? If she came out of her shell, and openly expressed herself, would Belle and Tim have their own story today?

If Tim hugged Belle, would she have become more open? If Tim hugged Belle, would a connection be built? We would never know because Belle will only hug the one that opens her heart. And this person she thought to be Tim, but maybe it is someone else?

The number one lesson learned in Belle’s story is to never, never make a careless comment. (Belle, your comment changed your fate. If you and Tim were destined to date, then your one comment altered the future.)

Nevertheless, if Tim and Belle were really destined to be together, later on in life they both will resolve this conflict. But for right now, Tim has moved on. As for Belle, she needs to stop looking into the past. The future may be uncertain, but it is still unexplored. Maybe one day someone else will come along, and he can replace Tim.

Thank you for reading this story! 🙂

Keep on DayDreaming ❤