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“If I had a boyfriend, I would want to hug him every time I see him! I won’t care if we are in the public and people are looking at us weird. Hopefully, he won’t care either!”

We often hear people complain about Public Display of Affection (PDA). However, what is it about PDA that bothers you?

  • Is it disgusting because it is something you personally would not do?
  • Is it annoying because of how passionate the two people are being?
  • Is it inappropriate because of societal norms?
  • Can it just be sweet? Sweet that two people are in love ❤

(I guess hugging someone is not as extreme as the actions we associate with PDA. But PDA can just simply be a kiss.) 

In the previous post, we heard the story of Belle, of how Belle would not hug any guy unless he is the right guy. But who is the right guy?

I think Tim was the right guy. He was someone who is one phone-call away. Although their horoscopes are not the perfect matches, they are not the worst matches either. In a relationship, it is about being able to accommodate each other. No one is the sole giver, and no one is the sole receiver.

Do you wonder what would have happened if Belle hugged Tim? If she hugged Tim, would Tim have gotten the hint that Belle has some type of feeling for him. If she hugged Tim, would Tim have developed the courage the ask her out? (Honestly, I don’t know. But I bet at some point, both Belle and Tim regret not saying how they truly felt.)

So how did Tim feel about this relationship with Belle? Well, we are about to find out! Turns out all along, Tim had feelings for Belle.

“I have known Belle for a long time. My best friend Robert always wondered why didn’t I date her instead of trying to bait for a fish in the empty sea. Belle is like a pet goldfish that I own but never paid attention to. But I did pay attention. I feed the goldfish and brought toys for it to play with. But Belle never noticed. She just kept treating me like a friend, and one day straight out said that she wouldn’t date her friends. She said we were so close that nothing would happen…” -Tim

Tim was scared away because Belle friend-zoned him. I guess they both wanted to preserve their friendship. But for outsiders, everyone watching this relationship develop, we ship this relationship to happen. One day, when the day is right, Belle will miraculously hug Tim, and he will know it’s time.

“I did have feelings for Belle. Even though I have liked other girls and dated someone, I didn’t have the feelings that I had when I was with Belle. I don’t even know why I hastily dated someone else. Because when I was in a relationship, all I could think of was telling Belle everything. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I asked her out, instead.” -Tim

Tim, I wished you told Belle your feelings. It is different to hear the words come out of your mouth than from someone else’s. Belle may appear to be a cold person, but she has a warm heart. And you know that! (So, good luck!)

“If I had a boyfriend, I think he needs to hug me all the time. He needs to hug me all the time so I can feel secured. I am not afraid to say that I am an insecure person. We would expect the insecure person to cling onto the boyfriend. But instead, it is the insecure person that needs to be clung onto.”

If you have feelings for someone, and you want to express it, please hug them. (Ofcourse, in a proper situation. Do not recklessly hug someone and get mistaken for being a creep.) And if you get rejected from that hug, I’m Sorry. But if your potential romantic interest is someone like Belle, you may just need to attempt the hug, multiple times. Or wait until this person is ready to accept your hug. You can start off by telling them that you want to hug them, and why.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Please keep on DayDreaming! ❤