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When you first start liking someone, what do you do to get their attention?

  • Are you mean to them?
    • Because the only reason you are being Mean is just to get their Attention.
  • Are you super nice to them?
    • Your Friendly attitude makes them mistaking you for a Best Friend.
  • Are you avoiding them?
    • The way you act gives them a feeling that you are Ignoring them, because you Dislike them.
  • Are you bribing them?
    • Gifts are simple things from your Heart. But at some point, you need to differentiate that Special Gift you are giving to express your Feelings.

What is the best way to let someone know you like them, without scaring them away?

  • Honestly, I cannot tell you. (I’m sorry >.<) Because every girl (guy) is different.
    • Some people like grand gifts such as handbags or designer items.
    • Some people like simple gifts such as hand-picked flowers from the sidewalk.
    • Some people like hand-made crafts.
    • Some people like hand-written letters.
    • Yet, some people just want you to straight-out tell them how you feel.

I would like to share a story of a girl who is wondering what are the feelings of her friend. “How does my friend feel about me?”-Winksfairy12

  • “Over the years, I’ve received many gifts from you. But what do they mean?”
    • “Did you buy them because I asked you to?”
      • I ask all my friends who go on vacation to bring me back a souvenir. But the majority of people don’t. And for those who do, it is not consistent.
  • “If you didn’t  happen to be going on vacation, would you still be bringing gifts?”
    • Sometimes I forget that you went on vacation. You would just show up during hangouts with a surprise.
  • To be honest, how do you remember? You are actually a very forgetful person!
    • So when you are on vacation, a time period where you are suppose to spend having fun, how would you remember to specifically get me something?
      • Were you thinking of me??
  • “Do you ever think about how I feel when you do sweet things for me?”
    • Were you happy to see me happy?
    • Did you expect me to react a certain way?
    • Are you waiting for me to realize something?
      • What were you thinking when you were buying me the gift?
      • How were you feeling when I received the gifts?
  • “Why do you comply to my unreasonable wishes?”
    • That day, if you didn’t tell me you were going on vacation. That day, if I didn’t beg you to bring me back a souvenir. That day, if you didn’t promise to…
      • How would today be different?

“Today, we are not dating. Today, we are still friends. And it is also Today, you stopped remembering to bring me back souvenirs.”

  • I remember one year, you went to Disney World & Universal Studios. Actually, at the time, I forgot that you went. I don’t remember you telling me beforehand. That week you were at Disney, it was Spring Break.
    • It never occurred to me to call you up to hangout that week. Maybe cause I was caught up with school work. It was, our final year in High School. Or was it our Junior Year? It was our Junior Year of High School.
      • That year, I was so caught up with my own work, I don’t recall much time we spent together. But when I think back, we actually spent more time together than I thought.
  • That time, after your trip from Disney, you came back really excited. I remember that it was not only one souvenir item that you got me. You got me a little gift bag full of things. I forget what all the items were (the bag was a light baby blue), but I vividly remember this one item.
    • First, you gave me the bag. Smiling, you said, “Winksfairy, I got you something from my trip at Disney!” Then you manually pulled out items from the bag, telling me what they were. (At the moment, I was just carelessly watching you. But when I think back, I can’t help but feel my heart melt a little as I smile to myself.)
      • There was this small fluffy monster key chain. But the next thing you showed me, really wowed me. Even at the moment, I was really surprised. You got me a silver keychain with my name on it! There was also a picture of a stick figure girl smiling.
        • “You know, that day, I was really happy. I was not just happy because you got me a bag of souvenirs. I was happy that you went out of your way to buy me those gifts, without me having to ask and remind you. (Because honestly, I didn’t even know you were going to Disney.) It makes me wonder what you were thinking when you bought those gifts. Do you have a matching keychain with your name on it?”
          • “I have to apologize to you, [my friend]. I can see that I may have taken your feelings for-granted. I should have known. We would always talk about relationships, and you aren’t someone who would buy things for girls, for no reason. One reason would be if they asked. But you weren’t consistent with the souvenirs. I should have known!”
          • “At the end of the day, we both play a role in this relationship not happening.”
    • I still have that bag of souvenirs. And I know exactly where it is. But I have not used any of the things in the bag.
      • “No, it was not because I didn’t like them. I love them!” I didn’t use the keychain because it was precious to me. I didn’t want to use it and get it scratched up. And at the time, I didn’t want strangers to know my name when they see my keychain. (Haha, this is something I can laugh about today. I was being stupid.)
        • I wonder if you were wondering (at the time) if I used the keychain.

The past is the past. I cannot go back to change it. But I do have to say that I regretted it. This is a part of my past that is filled with happiness yet sorrow…

So for those of you reading this, please don’t make the same mistake that I did. My friend and I are still friends, but just friends. However, don’t you wonder what could have been? Because I do…

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Sometimes DayDreams are about things in the past that we didn’t fulfill. We can try to fight these memories off, but that does not mean it didn’t exist. ❤