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“Everyone has a past, and that is what made them who they are today. Are you willing to overlook who they were for who they have become?” -Winksfairy12

When we were young, we enter relationships without thinking, without considering status, finances, and stability. Because at that moment, we only cared about love.

When you are young, the world did not seem so big. What was not explored yet, was not in the picture. Because when you are young, you only care about what is in front of you.

But as you grow older, you begin to see the world slowly uncover itself before your eyes. You will begin to realize that there were many things that were always there, but we just never saw it. “What you did not see does not mean it does not exist.”

As you grow older and you want to settle down, you begin to change. Change is good, but does this change make you lose yourself? Maturation will make you outgrow old habits and develop more positive habits. Yet, who you were before your change is still part of you.

No one is perfect. No one has a clean record. Everyone may start out as a white piece of paper, but over the years this piece of paper gets damaged. The edges will curl up. There will be stains from various events in your life; Discoloration. Sometimes the paper is creased by a fold, accidental and intentional folds. There will be rips and cuts, and missing pieces. The worst of them all would be that on top of everything else, this piece of paper gets crumpled up.

  • No piece of paper can go back to its original form, even if you try to glue pieces back onto it or if you try to re-smooth it out with heavy textbooks. The faults are like scars, they represent who you were.

“How many people can accept your faults?” 

Don’t tell me you do not have a past. Everyone comes from somewhere. You were not who you were yesterday, and will not know who you will become tomorrow. Even today, you are still finding yourself.

Of all the problems we struggle through, our faults is definitely one of them. Our faults are the thoughts that run through our mind at night, it keeps us up. Our faults are our habits that we do not want people to know, since it embarrasses us to talk about it. Our faults are our mistakes, things we wished we could have done or should have did differently.

Besides our own faults, how about the faults of others? There is a reason why you will dislike or even hate someone. And those reasons can be numerous, ranging from the dullest reasons to because of the most colorful incidents possible.

Those reasons of dislike or unpleasant feeling are considered faults. It is the faults we see in that particular person. And these faults of that person cannot be accepted. If these faults were to be accepted, there would be no reason to dislike this person.

“If you are not perfect yourself, how can you expect someone else to be perfect for you?” -Winksfairy12

When it comes to love, there is no right or wrong. But there are mistakes. If we only look at the faults of others, how can we discover their strengths? A person may have many things to be appreciated for, but we let one little flaw override it all.

Next time, before we begin to judge someone for something, we should stop and think about ourselves. What gives us the right to have such an opinion?

Some people wonder why they are not in relationships, or why they cannot find love. Here are the answers: 

  • “It is because before you even let him try to get to know you, you have already deemed him unfit.”
  • “It is because you do not love yourself enough.” You need to accept who you are before someone else can accept who you are. Because if you do not know yourself, how can you expect someone else to know you?
  • “It is because he cannot accept your faults.” Before even considering you accepting the faults of others, we need to consider if others can accept our faults.

Being in a relationship can be blissful. But if you are being with someone who cannot accept your faults, then this relationship cannot go on. There will always be a problem between the two of you, and the problem will always trace back to the faults.

So, the next time you are about to begin a relationship with someone, keep this in mind: “Can he accept my faults?” “Can I accept his faults?”

If you love someone, you will be able to accept their faults. If he loves you, he will be able to accept your faults. You both will be able to overcome the shortcomings of each other because you make up for each other’s imperfections.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Daydreaming is when you let your mind wander off. And this question of “How many people can accept my faults?” always come up. If I cannot accept someone else’s faults, how can I expect them to accept mine? ❤